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****TKG****Connecting you with NEWS, ENTERTAINMENT, and a VALUE-ADDED lifestyle…



(New York, NY) The Kilam Group is a full service marketing, public relations, and advertising firm providing training, networking, and career based solutions for a demanding clientele in a competitive market. Headquartered in New York City, TKG utilizes the vast network of Center’s of Influence and resources available to provide unparalleled services to a broad client base with diverse needs and specific request. In addition to partner outreach and team effective pairing, forging alliances with media partners and civic organizations more effectively allows TKG to definitively focus on clear objectives such as business development, power point presentations, investor funded projects, business proposals, consulting services, and publicist related work. Understanding the needs and the unique difference in every client is essential.

TKG has the ability to serve most major cities in the US, with special service request in Latin America, Europe and South Africa. Currently, we have satellite offices in Miami and Los Angeles, and we will travel with your business, should your personal requirements entail travel, or your marketing needs extend in other markets outside your traditional area. All specifics will be covered in detail. The Kilam Group prides itself in helping the small business owner or the individual build and maximize their true potential through development of business goals or personal enhancement. We work “Hand to Hand” with you to ensure that you are successful in bringing your visions and dreams to life through hands on assistance, personalized customer support, and team building.
For details and a free evaluation, please contact us immediately for a consultation. Your Business and TKG are “Moving at the PULSE of Business”!

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