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Jaye Watts “LIVE” tonight at the Bitter End New York City


(NEW YORK) A Dallas native, Jaye grew up a preacher’s kid in a very strict household where gospel music was the only option for musical entertainment. Despite her strict guidelines, she found a way to continue to study and embrace her insatiable love for music and entertainment. As a semi-finalist in the Missy Elliot Project, and the last contestant standing from Texas, Jaye’s intensity for music was magnified as she performed choreographed dance moves, impromptu song selections, and even flowed rap lyrics.

One of her standout tunes, “Hitchhiking for Love”, the self-composed metaphor, demonstrates an innovative release of thought-provoking lyrics with beats inspired by soulful giants like Whitney Houston, Tina Turner, Marvin Gaye and Stevie Wonder. She attributes her musical style to dynamic artists like Tina Turner, Whitney Houston, Pink, Alanis Morissette & India Arie. A lot of soul, and even more rock and roll merge together to create a sound so refreshing and unique her voice is worth craving!

Her burgeoning career as a songstress and songwriter has led to merge of The Writerz Mill. The Grammy and Oscar Nominated writing team that has blown away publishers and major labels alike having worked with and written songs for Chris Brown, Beyonce Trey Songz, Ciara, Rihanna & Toni Braxton, respectively just to name a few. Currently writing on various projects for major and upcoming artists, movies & sitcoms they are changing the pace of the entertainment industry!

True to form, Jaye not only shares herself with the world as a positively, trend-setting entertainer, she serves as the President and founder of Dare 2 Dream Foundation, Incorporated and speaks at workshops and seminars nationally and internationally. In addition to her passion for creating music lies an intensity to create change for the next generation. Her heart is in empowering young minds like herself to believe in the power of limitless possibilities. See her LIVE tonight at the:

Bitter End

147 Bleecker St  New York, 10012

(212) 673-7030
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