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Stupid News: Woman Calls 911 After Dealer Sells Her Sugar Instead Of Crack Cocaine


SPRINGFIELD, Missouri (PIX11)—

Its a story you will most likely find under the category of “brilliantly ridiculous.”

A Missouri woman was arrested this week after she called 911 to report that her drug dealer stiffed her by giving her sugar instead of the crack cocaine she paid for.

47-year-old Suzanne Basham of Springfield told local authorities she paid $40 for the bogus drugs and wanted them to arrest her dealer, as well as get her money back, The Smoking Gun reported.


Officers reportedly responded to the home of the alleged dealer where they were denied access. Residents there denied selling drugs and refused to let the cops in.

During an apparent investigation, officers found a crack pipe in Basham’s possession and issued a summons for drug paraphernalia, in turn making the Missouri woman brilliantly ridiculous.


Man Calls 9-1-1 After Crack Dealer Overcharged Him

NORTH CHARLESTON, SC (PIX11) — A South Carolina man called police Friday to report that another man had ripped him off — for $40 worth of crack cocaine.

Police said Dexter White, 41, called 9-1-1 to report a robbery after visiting his dealer, a man he referred to as “C”, who lives across from a halfway house.  “Mr. White stated that he gave “C” $60 cash and that “C” refused to give him his 40 in change,” according to a police statement.

White initially asked the dispatch operator for a K-9 unit, although it was unclear why, partially because he was either speaking very softly or had a bad connection.

When asked if he still had the cocaine “C” had allegedly sold him, White said he smoked the entire $20 rock before going to the payphone to call 9-1-1, according to police. 



Police met White and promptly arrested him for disorderly conduct for loitering where narcotics are used or sold.  He is currently being held at the Charleston County Detention Center.

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